Bath Blends
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Bath Blends

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Bath blends allow you to soak in a brew of your favourite floral and fruity scents, with a green or black tea base. A herbal tea bath is not only rejuvenating for your soul, but it also has spectacular benefits for your hair and skin. Made with all-natural ingredients including oats, rock salt, tea leaves and more, each of our bath blends is crafted to give you a full relaxation experience in the comfort of your own home.

Use: Simply run a relaxing, warm bath and soak your Bath Blend Tea Bag.  Submerge your body, inhale deeply and unwind the day away in an aromatic spa experience. Once finished, carefully cut the tea bag open and use the remaining contents to exfoliate the skin for a bright, smooth, glow.

No artificial colours, no synthetic fragrances, no synthetic ingredients. Vegan products.

Refresh/Energise/Firm,  Treat yourself to a bright and zesty aromatic bath and create your own spa oasis!  Stimulate your positive energy and good vibes with a refreshing splash of lemon zest, tangerine orange, cypress french and black tea extracts.

With all these heady fragrances and accompanying benefits, it’s hard to pick a favourite. Why not try them all? Create a routine of setting up your favourite candle and indulging in a different bath blend every week and enjoy how much your spirits improve over time!

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