Downlights Jelly Jar Candle 300ml
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Downlights Jelly Jar Candle 300ml

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Transport the ambiance of your home to a vintage setting with this diamond cut mason jar candle. Inspired by the very essence of hand made craftmanship, this reusable vessel is a classic that can adorn any home with wherever placed.
45 hour burn
300 ml

Salted Caramel

As impossible to resist as it sounds. Experience the clash of sweet and salty for a refined gourmand fragrance that you will have to burn or you will want to eat it!

Sweet Pomegranate

Be 16 again with this sweet fruit juicy pomegranate fragrance. It is lightly tickled with musk to round the youthful notes.

French Vanilla

What else needs to be said about this classic fragrance? It’s the tonka beans that make it unique with that slight nutty butter smell so it’s not too sweet. It is completely irresistible!

Lemon Peel & Ginger

White floral notes enhance the fresh lemon base of this uplifting fragrance.   The addition of ginger softens the citrus notes to appease the rawness of the lemon peel in a ying and yang fashion.


Marshmallow Puff

The delicious smells of marshmallow cream, vanilla, amber and sandalwood are given a light lift with hints of rose and orange blossom. Candle connoisseurs might catch the subtle notes of blackcurrant and lemon that deepen the complexity of this divine fragrance.

Pink Grapefruit & Cassis

Refresh and invigorate with tangy cassis and uplifting citrus notes of pink-grapefruit, orange and lemon. Whispers of white musk, rose and jasmine add a complexity to this fruity fragrance.

Sweet Pea & Gardenia

Traditionally a wedding flower, sweet pea reaches new levels of romanticism with a sophisticated blend of gardenia, bergamot and jasmine. The base notes of winter melon, anise and mimosa linger irresistibly in the background.