Illumina Candle Spice or Rusty Tin

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Revisit the spice trade with this unique candle bearing a brass plate, black wax, wooden wick and wooden lid.

A rustic candle container with brass plate, black wax, wooden wick and wooden lid is a statement piece for its’ uniqueness and intoxicating fragrance.

Burn time: 45 hours

Vetiver & Spice

A specific woody patchouli note is  layered in this medley with cedarwood and smokey vetiver. The warm notes of amber  & pepper deepen this ancient style fragrance. The citrus undertones of orange and grapefruit add a touch of femininity to lighten the overall earthiness of this exotic fragrance.

Sweet Musk & Amber

A unique and complex blend of  sweet musk and  rustic amber have been given a fresh twist by adding  mandarin, spring jasmine & autumn violet. The base note of vanilla deepens the overall woodiness of this fragrance, creating a sultry historical aroma.

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